Make the Most of Your Kitchen Storage

A well-organized kitchen makes it easier to cook, clean, and keep things in order. But that can be tough if you’re short on storage. The good news: you don’t necessarily need more space to achieve a more orderly kitchen. You may just need to use existing kitchen storage more creatively.

We’re sharing tips from Houzz on how to make the most of your existing kitchen storage. (But if you’re ready to add more storage space or rework your layout, give The Chuba Company a call!)

6 Tips for Smart Kitchen Storage

1. Dry Dishes Over the Sink

Instead of using up precious counter space to dry dishes, look for a drying rack that fits in or over the sink. Choose a rack that’s easy to remove and store when it’s not in use.

2. Switch Lower Cabinets to Drawers

Drawers offer more versatile, accessible storage than cabinets. In addition, they can usually hold a great deal of weight, and can easily be customized to store various items.

3. Add Pantry Storage Where You Can

Maybe you can’t add a full pantry. Can you convert an existing cupboard into a well-organized larder cupboard? Add pull-out shelves or drawers to make limited storage space even more functional and accessible.

4. Add Storage on Wheels

If you don’t have the budget or space to add a permanent kitchen island, look into a portable storage option on wheels. You can use it to store lesser-used items, and simply wheel it into the kitchen when cooking or prepping food.

5. Convert the Toe Kick

In a small kitchen, you want to take advantage of all available space. Convert toe kicks to shallow drawers, perfect for storing flat pans and serving platters.

6. Utilize Skinny Spaces

Do you have a gap between the refrigerator and the wall? A corner of the kitchen that’s too small for a full-size cabinet? Consider adding a vertical pull-out drawer to store spices and pantry items.

Whatever your kitchen storage needs, The Chuba Company has you covered! Visit our kitchen renovation gallery, then contact us for a free quote.

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