Looking To Update Your Bathroom?

8 Bathroom Trends

Winter is a good time to complete an indoor remodeling project, and you may find yourself ready to tackle a bathroom update. Before you start swinging a sledgehammer, here are 8 trends for updating your bathroom. Many of the ideas are inspired by modern design and user-friendly technology. You may want to consider incorporating some of these newer features, as you probably won’t be remodeling your bathroom again anytime soon.

Bold: Use materials that may not seem to go together well. For example, a wood and stone combination brings a modern, yet homey feel.

Bring life: Add in some greens and living plants to bring in a fresh and fashionable touch. Whether it’s a small piece on the counter or a larger one hanging, it will give a natural look.

Darker colors: Bring in natural materials such as stone to help tie in the darker hues. Although grey might seem bland, when combined with other shades and hues it will bring a special mood of tranquility and elegance to the atmosphere. The feel of luxury and relaxation is perfect, especially surrounding a tub.

Brass: A spot of shine adds a high-end accent to the look and feel of the room. You may think brass is an outdated 70’s look, but using a brushed brass with darker toned colors or stone is once again considered very fashionable.

Smart storage: Find small places where you can fit in vertical cabinets that won’t take over the room but still provide the storage you need. If built-ins aren’t an option, bring in an antique or interesting piece of furniture, whether it is a cabinet, shelf or table to add interest to the bathroom. Open shelves are also a great way to bring in room for storage.

Geometry: Tiles in bright hues and colors offer a great architectural aspect. Incorporating various patterns and structural elements to the walls or floors such as hexagon tiles or squares with a design adds character to your bathroom. If the new bathroom is a neutral white, gray or beige, geometric tiles are an easy way to add a pop of color.

In floor heat: In floor heat is an energy efficient way to keep warm from the bottom up while you are getting ready. Towel warmers are a great touch to add a spa-like feel to your bathroom. Maximize the comfort and luxury of your bathroom by keeping warm right out of the shower or tub as you get ready for the day.

Media: Set the tone with calming sounds or get excited for the day with your favorite jams with wireless speakers, Bluetooth devices and docking stations. These can be connected to mirrors, showerheads or vanities. If you frequently use your Jacuzzi tub, consider mounting a small television on the wall or the edge of the tub to catch up on your favorite show while relaxing in your spa-like home bathroom.

Whether you are looking for a color change, style update or a total re-do, consider these trends when updating your bathroom. You’ll enjoy your spa-like retreat now, and it will be a great selling point if you decide to move in the next few years.

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