How to Prevent Window Condensation

Window condensation is not only unattractive, but it can also damage your home by rotting wood and causing mold growth. Prevent unnecessary damage to your windows and home with these easy and  helpful tips.

Interior Window Condensation

Interior condensation is caused by an excessive amount of moisture in the house, and is a common problem faced in Minnesota during the winter.

Turn on Ceiling Fans

If you turn on ceiling fans (even for just a few minutes during the winter months), they will remove moisture from the air and off of the interior side of your windows.

Turn Down the Humidifier

When you turn down a humidifier, it will release less moisture into the air and this will allow less buildup of condensation on your windows.

Increase the Temperature of your Home

If you raise the temperature in your house, it will heat up the interior side of your windows. Heated windows will reduce condensation because condensation occurs when warm air touches a cold surface (the surface being your window). Therefore, condensation will be reduced when the window surface warms up.

Keep Plants Away from Windows

Plants release moisture into the air, so if plants are set by windows, they can cause condensation on nearby windows. An easy fix to reduce this condensation is to store plants away from windows.

Condensation Between Window Panes

Condensation between window panes can come from a broken seal within your window.

Clean the Windows First

To make sure that the “condensation” is not a buildup of grease or window cleaner, clean the entire window surface.

Install an Air Vent

Drill holes into the outer glass pane and then put in an air vent. This air vent will decrease the amount of condensation and will allow air flow between window panes for ventilation.

Replace Window Panes or Replace the Whole Window

If you do have condensation between window panes, you can replace the glass units or get a new window (if you are unable to replace the window panes).

Exterior Window Condensation

Exterior condensation is dew that forms on the outside of your window.

Quick Fix

If you need to get rid of exterior condensation as soon as possible, take a towel and wipe down your windows or apply a product like Rain X Water Repellent to decrease exterior condensation.

Wait it Out

Another option is to let exterior condensation resolve naturally. When the sun comes out and warms up your windows, the condensation will evaporate. Generally speaking, occasional exterior condensation shouldn’t damage your home.

If you do need to get your windows replaced to get rid of condensation, the professionals at Chuba are here to install your new windows and be your trusted partner in home renovation projects. Contact us for an estimate!

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