5 Living Room Design Trends to Try

It’s always fun to update your living room every once in awhile. With these trending design tips, you can easily have a living room that shows off your personality and unique style.

Bold Colors

This year, it’s very popular to use fun, bold colors that reflect your personality and style. This yellow colored living room is paired with blue and red accents, giving it a sunny and laid-back feel.

Mod Fireplace

Mod is back, baby. Make this trend feel fresh with silver instead of white or black. This trending fireplace is both functional and has a modern, stylish look. Enjoy the warmth of this gorgeous, shiny fireplace on a cold winter day.

Statement Carpets

Statement carpets are perfect for inducing the feeling of a cozy living room, while still allowing you to enjoy a wooden floor. The fun thing about statement carpets is that you can pick any design you want ( stripes, one color, etc.) to match your specific style.

High Ceilings

High ceilings are an easy way to add more room to a space. They make any room feel larger and gives a dramatic look to complement any type of theme.

Built-In Bookshelf

A bookshelf that’s installed directly into the wall saves space and creates a Pinterest-worthy look. What’s a better place in your house for a bookshelf than a living room? Grab a book and sit down by the fireplace for a relaxing afternoon.

Feeling inspired? Check out more of our living room looks to inspire your remodel.

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