5 Signs That it’s Time to Replace Your Windows

Sometimes it’s hard to tell if your windows should just be fixed or if it’s time to get your windows replaced. Here are some signs that it’s time to replace your windows.  

It’s Hard to Open and Close Your Windows 

If your windows refuse to open and close properly, this could be a sign to purchase new windows. The possible causes of stuck windows are warped wood, a damaged frame, or a shifting house foundation. If your window frame is damaged or your home foundation has shifted, it may be time to upgrade to new and improved windows.

If You Want Your Energy Bill to Decrease 

If you currently have standard windows and are also frustrated with your high energy bills, this may be a signal to start using energy efficient windows. Energy efficient windows can reduce your heating and cooling bills by 10-25%, so you can enjoy having new windows and a reduced rate for your heating and cooling bills! 

Condensation Between Window Panes 

Window condensation can occur either on the interior side of your window, in-between the window panes, or on the exterior side of your window. Exterior and interior window condensation can usually be fixed by cleaning the windows, turning on ceiling fans, turning down the humidifier, etc. However, if you are dealing with condensation in-between window panes and are unable to replace the window panes, it is time to get new windows.  

Decaying Window Frames 

Decaying window frames are usually due to exposure to moisture over a long period of time. Consistently wet window frames can cause fungal growth, which leads to deterioration and rotting issues. The rotting wooden frames become soft and chipped, thus indicating that you need to replace these windows as soon as possible.  

Soundproofing Issues 

If you are in your house and can still hear every little sound outside of your window, this may be an indicator that there is deteriorating insulation around your window. Modern windows are designed to reduce outside noise, but if you can hear the same amount of noise sitting outside your window as you can when you are inside, it’s about time to get new windows. Energy efficient windows are the best at absorbing sound waves before they come into your house.  

Do you have any windows that are hard to open and close, are decaying, are increasing your energy bill, aren’t soundproofing correctly, or are building up an extensive amount of condensation between window panes? There’s no need to fear! The professionals at Chuba are qualified to replace your windows and be your trusted partner through the entire renovation process. Contact us for an estimate!  







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