4 Things to Consider When Choosing New Siding

Siding plays an important role both in the protection and appearance of your home. While siding can (and should) last for many years, there will come a point when it can no longer stand up to the elements. It may start to look weathered, or fail to protect your home against wind and weather. If that’s the case, it’s time to choose new siding. 

Although re-siding your home can be a big project, it also presents an opportunity to update both the look and performance of your home’s exterior. To make the process easier, we’re sharing a few things you should consider when you choose new siding, according to Bob Vila.

What to Consider When Choosing New Siding

Heating and cooling costs usually make up about half of monthly energy bills. If your siding is worn or weathered, it may be allowing more air to enter and exit your home, driving your energy use even higher. Adding new siding can help to stem some of that air loss, especially if you choose a siding line that is designed specifically to insulate the home.

Siding covers the majority of your home, and as such, has a big visual impact. Because there are so many color and texture options available, you can find siding that reflects your style.

Some siding materials require minimal maintenance, while others require regular care and upkeep. If you’d prefer siding that’s easier to maintain, steel may be the best option for you.

Whether you’re looking to move soon, or plan on staying in your home for many more years, high-quality siding is a good investment.

If your siding has begun to rot or crumble, don’t wait to replace it. Any cracks or holes in the siding can let in moisture or critters, potentially causing even greater damage. Currently, due to delays out of our control, materials are taking a few weeks longer to arrive. This makes it even more important to start your siding project ASAP. Contact us to get started!

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